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Buying Apricot Seeds: 3 Factors To Consider


Many people are looking to buy apricot seeds for the first time. It can be challenging to know which varieties of this fruit are best suited for your needs. This article will help you to buy these seeds with confidence by providing three factors that should influence your decision:


Knowing the type of apricot you are looking to buy will help narrow down your choices. Choices can be based on when the trees flower, their preferred temperature range, level of cold-hardiness, and disease resistance. If you aren’t familiar with these varieties, it is best to research them before purchasing or contacting an experienced fruit tree seller for assistance.


There are different climates throughout the world that may not support apricots well enough to grow successfully in certain areas where they could flourish in others. Before buying seeds, make sure that there isn’t already an abundant supply of this fruit native to your climate zone or nearby regions if possible. You know what kind of conditions are suitable for growing these plants long-term without much effort.

Seed Type

There are fresh seeds, and there are dried apricot pits which you can purchase for different prices. Apricot seeds that have been thoroughly cleaned, sorted, or graded before shipping to ensure the best results upon planting according to what your needs may be. If you’re looking to collect this seed as a novelty, it shouldn’t cost very much but if you want them for their high germination rate, spend more on better quality seeds.

To summarize, to buy apricot seeds, consider the seed type, variety, and the climate you will grow them. This is to get the best out of your purchase.