British Food As An Integral Part Of British Culture


British food is an integral part of British culture. British Produced Food is a great way to experience the best that British cuisine has to offer! Food is often overlooked as a tourist destination, but it’s so much more than fish and chips. It also provides some of the world’s most popular dishes, such as bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and steak-and-kidney pudding.

What should I know about this?

British food often has exciting backstories. For example, did you know that British bangers are made from pork? Or did you know that British fish and chips were initially sold by Jewish immigrants in the East End of London who had fried fish in the batter as part of their Sabbath meal? Since no cooking was allowed on the Sabbath, they would carry large buckets of pre-cooked fish to sell at markets for non-Jews to buy on Sundays.
The root word “chips” comes from the French word “to cut into strips.” The practice began when potatoes were treated as a poor man’s food—a substitute for more expensive bread or pastries.

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