Bringing Inspiration to Audiences: Working with a Talent Agency


When an event planner wants a top-notch speaker for a conference or event, they turn to a speaker agency for assistance. A speaker agency is a company that connects event organizers with speakers who can inspire, inform, or entertain a specific audience.

The agency’s role is to locate and vet speakers, and to negotiate the terms and conditions of their presentations. With a broad range of speakers in a database, the agency can assist by finding the ideal speaker for the event. An excellent speaker agency maintains a pool of talent with varying areas of expertise that can address different aspects of the event.

As an established writer, you might wonder where to start if you wanted to expand your skills and offer your services to a speaker agency. First, you would research some speaker agencies to determine the types of speakers they feature and work with. Then, you could offer your skills as a speech writer to help develop the content for the speaker’s presentation.

Once an engagement is booked through a speaker agency, all communication and logistics will typically go through the agency’s event coordination team. It’s rare for an event planner to contact the speaker directly. Every step of the booking process is taken care of by the agency, and they ensure a successful event.

Utilizing a speaker agency saves event planner’s ample time and guarantees skilled speakers. Partnering with a speaker agency makes the whole experience less stressful, allowing you to focus on creating a successful event.