Bhutan Road Trip: 3 Attractions You Must Visit


Bhutan is a country in the Himalayan mountains, between India and China. Bhutan Road Trip is an opportunity for visitors to experience Bhutanese culture and enjoy the beauty of Bhutan’s natural landscapes. Bhutan has many attractions that will appeal to everyone, from adventurers to nature lovers.

1) The Drive: Drive through Bhutan’s countryside on winding roads with steep drops! You’ll see cows grazing in farmlands, horses galloping across hillsides, monasteries perched atop hilltops, and waterfalls cascading down mountain cliffs.

2) Paro Taktsang Monastery: Take a hike up to this monastery perched high above Paro Valley! Ascend 900 steps up a stairwell hewn into a cliffside to see this Bhutanese Sect of Tibetan Buddhism.

3) Bhutan’s National Assembly: Bhutan is a constitutional monarchy, and the Bhutanese National Assembly has been meeting since 2008. Come watch the proceedings of this interesting government building!

If you want a road trip adventure in an exotic land, Bhutan Road Trip is the way to go! Visit Bhutan’s most beautiful landscapes and experience its rich culture during your journey.