Best Restaurant Marketing Ideas


It’s no big secret that customers go online to explore new restaurants, write reviews, check out menus and make reservations. Which is why all restaurants must build a digital presence and make themselves discoverable. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Marketing a restaurant can sometimes be tricky in today’s digital world, which has too much information. To do this right one needs to implement creative restaurant marketing strategies to draw people in and indulge them with the best offerings.

But before you dive into marketing to your target audience, you need to define who they are. Are you extending your offers to millennials, the older and more refined generation, families with kids?

It is essential to assess and get thor step right before you begin marketing your delicious menu. Once you have defined your target audience, you can tap into their most frequented social platforms and reach out for better results.

Some Creative Restaurant Marketing Ideas

  • Launch social media challenges

There is a reason FREE is an attractive proposition. Everyone loves to win goodies, and a social media contest is an engaging way to promote a restaurant. A restaurant can offer special discounts/ limited offer free meals. They can try a giveaway contest where people are encouraged to follow the official restaurant social handles and tag their favourite dining buddy.

This will help increase social media followers, raise brand awareness, and get more customers to come to visit the restaurant if the winner is someone who had never dined at the restaurant before it will give them an incentive to try the restaurant.

  • A web address for the restaurant

Apart from social media, restaurants need to own a web address. Having a sleek website allows a restaurant to give a sneak peek of the dining experience before the customer has even walked into the establishment. Moreover, a restaurant can also monetize a website and get direct orders by enabling a digital menu.

This way, they can avoid high 3rd party delivery commissions, offer better discounts to their customers and take direct orders that land on an integrated restaurant management software that makes the process smooth as butter.

These are some but not all that a restaurant can do to grow their business. One of the most vital points here is to stay flexible and tweak strategies as per changing times.

Kallen Kazz
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