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Automatic Security Bollards: A Look At 3 Easy And Effective Measures


Automatic security bollards are an effective way to control traffic flow. They can be used in many different situations including malls, schools, hospitals, and more. But what exactly are they?

Security bollards are set up so that when the sensor detects someone is approaching the door or area, it will automatically open a retractable gate or barrier to allow people through. This article discusses 3 easy and effective measures that you should take if you’re installing automatic security bolls on your property.

The first measure is to always have them on a timer.

Never leave the gates open for any amount of time unless you are monitoring it or have someone there to monitor it at all times.

The second measure is that you should always be prepared. Planning in advance will help you when something goes wrong or if you need immediate assistance from law enforcement personnel, emergency response teams, and more so that they are able to get on-site quickly without any delays.

After all, time is of the essence during an event like this! Providing your team with a map of where these bollards are located will allow them to find their way around safely while being discreet at the same time. If there’s ever been an incident then it shouldn’t take too long for someone to realize what has happened since most accidents happen within minutes or even seconds! Once again – timing is everything!

And the third one is to be sure to install them correctly. They should not protrude more than ten inches from the ground and they need to come with a protective covering of sorts so nobody walks into it by accident. By following these three simple steps, you will successfully protect your property while maintaining an easy traffic flow for all people who use it.

All three measures are simple yet effective ways to ensure your property’s safety against intruders. Each has its own benefits for certain situations so it’s best to choose which one will work best based on location and other variables.

However, all of them can be useful in protecting your business or home from outside threats while ensuring you get through the gate quickly without having any accidents with others around you.

Allowing access only when necessary also gives employees who need full entry an option if they’re not expecting visitors during peak hours but want quick entrance into secure areas like storage rooms or company garages.

It is much more convenient for drivers who are in a rush when they need to get into the building or onto their property quickly without having to wait on anyone else to open up, especially if you have multiple points of entry where getting through can take longer than anticipated.