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Automatic Parking Garage: 3 Features To Consider


Parking garages are an integral part of any city, especially where parking is hard to come by. Automated Parking Garages (APGs) offer many benefits over traditional parking garages due to their ability to be fully automated and increase efficiency. This article will discuss the three features that make Automated Parking Garages so beneficial.

Increased Security Through Automation

Automation is part of the Automated Parking Garage’s name for a reason. It allows the garage to fully control its security, which humans typically do with an ongoing cost. The Automated system can monitor and secure itself 24/hours per day without any additional fees or concerns about human error when someone forgets to lock up at night.

Increased Efficiency with Automation

Automated garages reduce traffic congestion by efficiently using existing infrastructure and reducing the need for additional spaces. Automating a garage also lowers labor costs, which decreases operational expenses associated with managing inventory.

More Efficient Use Of Space.

Finally, these garages are designed to meet the specific needs of each location. They are designed with driveways and exits that can be customized for optimal traffic flow, reducing congestion in busy areas like airports or stadiums where large numbers of vehicles need to enter and exit quickly.

To conclude, automated parking garages are a great way to make the most of existing infrastructure while reducing or eliminating traffic congestion in busy areas.