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A Guide To Personal Branding: How To Succeed As A Photographer


The personal branding photographer is what sets them apart from the rest. Branding for photographers consists of both personal and professional branding. Professionally, it’s essential to establish your style and voice as a photographer. This can be done by developing an eye-catching portfolio that showcases your skills. When branding comes into play, you need to think about presenting yourself on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. These sites are an excellent way to connect with clients and build relationships over time!

How does this work?

Branding has been broken down into two sections: one focused on professionalism and another on personal life outside of photography, such as hobbies/interests. It also focused on personal branding and how that can help you in the future. This section is broken down into social media, unique website (optional), business cards, portfolio/showcase (including a few examples of it should look like), and resumes/cover letters.
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