3 Ways We Tell Stories To Keep Employees Engaged


Everybody has a story. Stories are what keep our memories alive, and storytelling is how we communicate with one another. As humans, storytelling is in our blood; it’s who we are as people. But storytelling isn’t just for storytelling; storytelling can also be used to engage employees within your organization! This article will discuss 3 ways storytelling can help train your employees, all while keeping them engaged throughout the process.

The first one is storytelling for storytelling’s sake. This is the most basic way storytelling can be used, but it also has a lot of benefits to offer your employees! Take an everyday activity and tell it like you would if you were having coffee with friends; this creates interest right off the bat while strengthening relationships between coworkers at the same time.

The following storytelling technique is storytelling with a purpose. This method of storytelling can be utilized during the training process to convey information more effectively; it also adds an element of fun, making learning more accessible and more likely to stick!

The final way storytelling for business training works is through storytelling as both a motivator and teacher. Employees often become disengaged because of a lack of inspiration or don’t understand their role within the company. These storytelling techniques can inspire and motivate employees to do better work by helping them see how what they’re doing impacts customers individually.

You can use storytelling for business training in many different ways; these are just three examples that you may find helpful!