3 Ways To Increase Your Stock Of Fabric Designers


Fabric designers are a key component to fabric fabricators. They design fabric and fabric patterns, which fabricators can then use to create the fabric products that we use every day. Finding and retaining qualified fabric designers is difficult for many businesses because there is such a high demand for them in today’s market. In this article, we will discuss three ways that you can increase your stock of qualified fabric designers so you can maintain your business!

1) Get Creative: One way to find more qualified candidates for your team is by getting creative with how you advertise positions available at your company. This means not only posting job openings on traditional platforms like Monster or Indeed but also exploring other avenues like social media, networking events, and of course, your fabric designer’s own social media pages.

2) Get Personal: When fabric designers are looking for a new job, they typically turn to social media and their network of friends. As such, the best way that you can find fabric designers is by getting personal with your adverts. Rather than simply posting on Facebook or Instagram in hopes that fabric talent sees it and contacts you, create targeted ads heading straight for fabric designers.

3) Get Creative: Last but not least, fabric designers are looking for job opportunities that will challenge them. If your fabric design business is on the verge of expanding to new horizons or you have several new products coming out soon, create a sense of urgency by advertising these openings as “opportunities” rather than simply fabric designer jobs.

In conclusion, fabric designers are very valuable to fabric design businesses. By following the above steps, fabric designers will notice your fabric design business and contact you with their fabric designer application.