3 Types Of Marine Vinyl Spray Paint


Marine vinyl spray paint is a marine-grade, water-based coating that can be applied to marine vinyl flooring. It has many benefits, including being easy to apply and requiring little maintenance. There are 3 different marine vinyl spray paint types: low gloss, semi-gloss, and high gloss. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each type as well as how to decide which one you need for your project.

1) Low gloss: It can have less shine than other types, making it easier to keep looking new. This type of marine vinyl spray paint hides scratches well because the matte finish absorbs light rather than reflecting it like a high-gloss marine that is inexpensive and easy to apply. It is also the least durable because it doesn’t protect as well from scuffs or scratches compared to other marine vinyl spray paint options.

2) Semi-gloss: It is typically used in marine environments with high humidity. It has good chemical resistance but does not have great abrasion or scuff resistance.

3) High gloss: It is recommended for marine vinyl flooring that is heavily used or in daily contact. It doesn’t show stains, scuffs well and has limited color choices.

In conclusion, a marine-grade, water-based coating can be applied to marine vinyl flooring.