3 Tips For LGBT Friendly Catering


Catering for lgbt events has its own set of challenges. If you are lgbt friendly catering, then you should be aware that lgbt couples have unique needs during their wedding planning process. This article will focus on 3 different lgbt friendly catering tips to help make your event a success!

1) Offer multiple buffet options-Offering multiple buffet options is one way to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of lgbt couples. For example, if you offer both vegan and non-vegan dishes, it will allow more people the opportunity to enjoy your food!

2) Be sensitive about serving alcohol-Serving alcohol at an lgbt event can be tricky because some may not drink for religious reasons or because of lgbt discrimination. If you do decide to serve alcohol at an lgbt event, consider serving non-alcoholic options as well!

3) Provide lgbt friendly décor-This may seem like an odd tip, but lgbt couples love to be surrounded with positive and supportive symbolism. For example, if you have a luau-themed wedding, consider placing flowers on the tables that are representative of Hawaii as well!

In conclusion, lgbt people are just like everyone else. They want to feel loved, respected, and included in every aspect of their lives, including LGBT-friendly catering!