3 Tips For Better Sailboat Mast Rigging


Mast rigging is the sailboat term for assembly all sail control lines and blocks, including those for jibs, spinnakers, mainsails, booms, and gaffs. Mast rigging has a considerable impact on how well your sailboat sails. Sailors have been relying on mast riggers since before sailboats were invented to help them sail better. Today we will discuss three tips that will improve your sailboat mast rigging so you can get more out of your boat!

1) Keep Lines Clear – Make sure that all lines going up into the boat are clear from other ropes or obstructions. This includes keeping knots in line with each other when possible to make it easier to untangle them.

2) Secure the Mast – Make sure your the mast is firmly secured to the centerboard trunk. If it has a universal joint, make sure this isn’t cracked or missing pieces so you can be more confident in its strength.

3) Keep the Mast Tight – When you sail, make sure that your sailboat mast is always kept at a 90-degree angle. This will allow the sail to catch the wind and maintain stability when in motion.

By following these three tips, sailboat mast rigging should be much easier to handle and maintain.