Child Care

3 Things You Must Know About Child Access Mediation


In mediation for child access, a neutral third party listens to both parents and offers suggestions on how they can work together as co-parents. This mediation is a more formal process than mediation in general, typically done by simply talking about issues with another person. Mediation for child access has 3 main benefits:

– It allows the children to maintain relationships with both parents without being dragged into the conflict between them.

– It helps avoid litigation that could happen if one parent were to go it alone without mediation from an independent professional mediator.

– The mediator will often have the experience that can lead to solutions that are not obvious or available through self-help information alone.

In conclusion, mediation for child access aims to keep children out of the middle of disputes between their parents. It has benefits that mediation generally does not have, and it can help you avoid litigation with your co-parent if mediation goes well!