3 Things You Didn’t Know About Wooden Shipping Crates


Wooden shipping crates are wooden boxes that were traditionally used to transport goods across long distances in the past. They have been replaced by plastic or metal containers, but wooden shipping crates still provide benefits for some businesses. Read on to learn 3 things you didn’t know about wooden shipping crates!

1) They are a Cost-Effective Option- Wooden shipping crates are cheaper than other types of packaging because they do not require any additional materials like tape or glue. This makes them more cost-effective for small businesses that might not be able to afford other types of packaging.

2) They Reduce Damage- When wooden packages break open during shipment, they can sometimes break into smaller pieces without damaging the contents inside too badly. This is because wooden crates provide a bit of cushioning for the contents inside, reducing damage from impact and shock.

3) They Are Eco-Friendly- wooden crates are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The smooth wooden surface makes them easy to recycle, and they’re made from renewable sources like trees, so using wooden shipping crates can contribute positively towards green business practices!

In conclusion, wooden shipping crates are a great way to reduce damage during shipment and contribute towards green business practices. They’re also easy on the wallet!