3 Things To Consider Before Getting Your First Lip Tattoo


Lip tattoo las vegas are the new lipsticks! And while lip tattoos may sound like something you’ll regret in 10 years, they can actually be an enjoyable way to express yourself. However, before you get your first lip tattoo, it’s essential that you consider three things:

How much time will I want to put into maintaining it?

Lip tattoos are semi-permanent and require touch-ups every few years. This means that they require more maintenance than lipsticks but less than tattoos in general.

Where on my lip will it be?

For the most accurate results, you should have your lip tattoo applied directly to your lip tissue. However, some people get them done over their natural lip line. This can look really good if done correctly! But make sure that you have a tattoo application consultation beforehand.

How much will it cost?

The price of lip tattoos varies from artist to artist, so make sure you do your research before committing yourself to one lip tattooer or location.

As long as you consider these three things and communicate with your lip tattooing professional on all the details, then a lip tattoo in las vegas should turn out well!