3 Steps To Making Your Own Honeycomb Paper Pallet


Pallet honeycomb paper is a honeycomb board that has the same honeycomb pattern as honeycomb in nature. It is mainly used for packaging and shipping fragile items. Still, it can also be a great material to use for DIY projects like pallet furniture. In this blog post, we will talk about three steps to make your own honeycomb paper pallet and give some inspiration on how you could use them.

1) Source out the necessary materials: To make a honeycomb paper pallet, you need to buy or find 4 sheets of 12″x12″x1/4″ honey comb paper from any big box store such as Walmart or Lowes. You’ll also need a piece of 1/16″ thick hardboard, also known as Masonite. It should be the same size as your honeycomb paper sheets (12” x 12”). You can use any saw to cut it into a square that is exactly the same size as honeycomb papers you have.

2) Cut honeycomb paper into 12″x12″ squares: To make the honeycomb pallet, you need to cut each honeycomb paper sheet horizontally and vertically three times. This will give you a total of four squares (one honeycomb cell).

3) Glue honeycomb paper to honeycomb pallet: Use a thin layer of wood glue on the honeycomb cells surfaces and stick them together. Make sure you put all four honeycomb papers in one corner, then go ahead and add the other three until your honeycomb pallet is finished.

Don’t forget, honeycomb paper comes in different colors and styles, so it gives you the chance to have fun designing walls using honeycomb. Honeycomb papers are also available in different textures.