Hair Care

3 Steps To Finding The Best Moisturizer For Natural Hair


This article will help you find the best moisturizer for your natural hair type. It is broken down into three steps to make it easy to follow. Every person has different hair needs, and this article can help you figure out what those are!

Identify your hair type.

There are four main categories of natural hair: curly, wavy, coiled, and kinky. Knowing which category best suits you will allow you to narrow down the best products available on the market.

Consider how often you wash your hair.

If you only wash your locks every other day or less than once a week, then products designed for people with dryer styles may be best for you. But if washing every day, moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with regular deep-conditioning treatments may be best.

Figure out your hair’s porosity

Porosity is the level to which it can absorb water, thus creating a moisture gradient from low (dry) to high (oily). It is best advised you use products designed for those whose hair has a similar porosity to your own. If you have low porosity hair, products with humectants will best maintain moisture levels as they allow water to be pulled into the strands from within and without. Those with high porosity need ingredients that lock in what is already there, such as oils, shea butter, etcetera.

To conclude, to find the best moisturizer for natural hair, you should be aware of the three aspects listed above and what ingredients best suit it and use products that are designed for the best possible outcome.