3 Steps In Becoming A Pit Technician


Many pit technicians are often overlooked in the racing world; however, they play a major role in setting up and maintaining pit stops. This article will outline 3 steps that pit technicians should take to become proficient at their job.

The first step is to attend pit school, where you can be trained by veteran pit mechanics on how to set up and maintain the different types of pit equipment.

The second step is to practice your skills with real-life scenarios, which you can do through either attending races or doing simulations online.

The third step is to get more experience by working for an actual team as a volunteer until you’re ready for paid work.

In conclusion, pit technicians play a major role in setting up pit stops. Pit technicians should attend pit school, practice their skills with real-life scenarios and work for an actual team until they’re ready to take on paid work.