3 Simple Tips For A Delicious Chicken Bellagio


Bellagio Chicken is a dish that originated in New Orleans and has become popular in the United States. It consists of sauteed chicken with crab meat, shrimp, and mushrooms in a white wine sauce over angel hair pasta. Chicken Bellagio is also known as Chicken à la King or Chicken Florentine because it was created using ingredients from both dishes. This article will give you three tips to make this delicious meal at home!

1) Use different types of seafood for added flavor.

2) Add vegetables like onion, celery, garlic, thyme, or basil into your sauce to add even more depth of flavor to the meal.

3) Sautee the veggies first before adding them to the sauce.

Chicken Bellagio is a great meal to make on the weekend, and it will provide you with enough food for leftovers throughout the week!