3 Reasons To Wear Prescription Shooting Glasses


If you’re an avid shooter, prescription glasses for shooting sports are a must-have. Shooting sports can be very strenuous on the eyes, and it is vital to take care of them! Here are three reasons why prescription shooting glasses can benefit your eye health:

They protect against damage from UV rays.

UV rays are harmful to the eyes, and shooting glasses block 97% of them. This is beneficial because it helps protect your eyes from developing cataracts, which are also caused by UV rays.

They prevent damage from wind and debris.

The lenses on shooting glasses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate material. This prevents dirt or dust particles, ash or smoke, raindrops, snowflakes, or insects in the air from damaging your eyes.

They are prescription-friendly!

One of the benefits of these glasses over regular sunglasses is that they can be made to fit any prescription, so you don’t need a separate pair of prescription glasses for sports. This means you only need one set, which reduces weight and cost on both ends. Plus, these lenses.

To summarize, prescription shooting glasses are prescription-friendly, impact-resistant, and prevent dust particles from getting into your eyes.