3 Reasons To Wear A Rifle Rated Combat Helmet


If you are in the military, law enforcement, or private security industry, then you know that a rifle-rated combat helmet can be a life-saving piece of gear. But why should you wear one? Here are three reasons:

1. A rifle-rated combat helmet can protect your head from rifle rounds and shrapnel.

2. They are designed to provide ballistic protection against fragments from explosions.

3. They offer superior protection against handgun rounds compared to traditional helmets.

Rifle rated combat helmets can save your life. A rifle round can travel through multiple objects before it reaches your head, so it’s important to have as much protection as possible. They will protect you from fragmentation and other debris created when a bullet hits something else.

Rifle-rated combat helmets are comfortable and lightweight. They won’t slow you down or make you feel hot and sweaty during long operations.