3 Reasons To Wear A Knee Compression Sleeve


Injuries are common in knee-intensive sports such as running and biking. To protect the knee joints from injury, knee compression sleeves can be worn during these activities. These sleeves keep the knee joint warm and stabilize it by limiting lateral movement of the knee. Here are 3 reasons why you should wear a knee compression sleeve:

1) They improve your performance: knee sleeves provide knee stability that reduces knee pain and allows you to perform better during workouts.

2) They help prevent injuries: knee compression sleeves can prevent knee injuries by supporting your knee joints and increasing blood flow to the area. They also reduce knee swelling, which is a common cause of injury during workouts.

3) They reduce post-exercise soreness: knee compression sleeves can reduce knee pain and swelling by up to 33% and increase knee strength.

In conclusion, knee compression sleeves are a great way to improve knee performance and protect against injury. They can also help reduce post-exercise knee pain.