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3 Important Reasons To Switch To Organic Cotton Pads


With organic cotton pads, you can make a difference in the environment. If you’ve been considering organic cotton pads for your period or other personal care needs but are unsure of how to make the switch, here are three important reasons why you should.

#1 Organic Cotton Pads Are Good for The Environment
Organic cotton is grown without pesticides and herbicides that harm our natural resources. This means organic cotton producers don’t contribute to soil erosion, water pollution, and the contamination of groundwater sources by toxic chemicals.

#2 They’re Better For You Too!
Using organic-cotton products like organic tampons has been shown to reduce exposure to toxic substances – especially dioxin, one of the most potent cancer-causing chemicals found in our environment.

#3 They’re Cheaper In The Long Run
Buying organic cotton pads is an investment in the future. They’re better for your health and good for the environment. Switching to organic products has been shown to reduce exposure to toxic chemicals that can lead to long-term serious medical conditions like cancer – so it’s much cheaper than you think!

In conclusion, organic cotton pads should be used by all women because organic products are healthier and cheaper than regular ones!