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3 Critical Points To Keep In Mind When Using Site Feedback Tools


The site feedback tool is a great way for getting site owners to engage with site visitors, but they can’t be the only strategy you use. If you’re using site feedback tools without any other conversion rate optimization strategies, then you might not reach your site’s potential. This article will discuss 3 critical points that will help ensure your site is being used effectively by both site owners and site visitors.

The first one is site feedback tools need to be used in conjunction with site analytics. Site feedback tools won’t tell you why site visitors aren’t converting, but site analytics will. Google Analytics is the most popular site analytic tool, and it’s free!

The second one is site feedback tools need to be used in conjunction with site usability testing. Site usability testing is the only way to find out why your site visitors aren’t converting and what they want from a site that sells or provides services.

Thirdly, if site owners are using site analytics and performing site usability tests, it will be easier to find out how site visitors interact.

Site feedback tools are a great way to find out site visitors’ opinions about site usability. Site analytics is important because it tells you what they want from your site and why it isn’t converting.