3 Benefits of Using Shopware 6


People’s behavior and habit have changed to a great extent. They prefer everything to be available on the screen and delivered at the doorstep. To fulfill the buying requirements, eCommerce owners have started selling their products through online stores so they can get recognition across the world.

With eCommerce platforms like Shopware 6, the complexity and scope of selling products online can be simplified. In recent years, customers from Australia, Canada, and the US have grown to appreciate the framework. If you also want to join the platform’s community, you may need to learn how the open-source tool works by finding a Shopware demo to test it free of charge and without obligation. With that, you can learn how to use the Shopware 6 to enjoy the following benefits comfortably:

  • Progressive Web Apps

According to Google page speed benchmarks, 53% of customers will leave your website if it’s loading for more than two seconds. However, progressive web apps (PWAs) are becoming the future of eCommerce that lets users access their sites like an app through smartphones. They also facilitate offline browsing, which might be a good customer experience booster. This is achievable because PWAs uses additional Service Worker JS file to cache data.

PWA also runs on every device and browser, which you may use in tablets and desktop computers. Like native mobile apps, PWAs may interact with your device internals, such as GPS sensors and cameras.

  • Easy Integrations with Payment Methods

The payment system in the Shopware is basically an important part of the checkout process. You can accept payments in your store with the wallee payment plugin. By integrating your shop with wallee, you can manage various transactions directly out of the Shopware store. You can do refunds and captures without the need to log into your wallee account. In case you are processing your invoice payments, the transaction status will be synchronized automatically between your wallee and store account.

Integrating your store with this payment method can also allow you to use a variety of features, such as creating a customizable invoice and forward it to your client directly. You may also use local payment schemes, such as ISR payments in Switzerland, and handle other processing steps, including dunning of open invoices. However, if you don’t find wallee convenient, you can use:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Heidelpay
  • Mollie
  • Amazon Pay
  • B2B Functionality

Business-to-business (B2B) eCommerce continues to grow rapidly. Shopware 6 provides flexible options for individual and complex requirements. This offers a convenient basis for new distribution models and long-term business relations.

B2B suite is developed and designed to represent eCommerce functions and may need a high degree of integration. With the latest technologies and tools, you can have a solid B2B suite that can help you distribute products and enhance your business awareness. By using the API approach, you can also establish a powerful B2B suite to meet the requirements of your customers and retailers.

The Bottom Line!

Looking for the best eCommerce software is not an easy thing. It needs you to carefully assess the available tools, features, and unique needs. If you are a SaaS app provider who needs to succeed in 2020, you can use Shopware 6 to outsmart your competitors. By using this eCommerce platform, you can enjoy some of these benefits, if not all, of them.

Kallen Kazz
the authorKallen Kazz